Specializing in strategy, business case, process & organization consulting.

The iKoss approach is simple: Initiate honest and open communication, treat clients as partners, implement best proven processes and technologies, and roll-up our sleeves to get the job done.


Person reviewing various options in front of them.

Business Case Realization

iKoss are experts at overcoming the challenges of getting large programs and transformations approved and funded. We have played a key role in getting over $300M in project spend approved over the past 12-years.

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Strategy Consulting

iKoss works hard to know our clients, their industry, and understand their challenges. We define and implement specific solutions, while partnering with leadership to plan and drive the organizational change that comes along with large-scale initiatives. The end results solve real problems advancing the organization to the next level.

Hand drawing a process flow chart.

Business Process and Organization

We break down technologies, processes, and organizational structures to see where improvements can be made. Then we design and implement simple, effective solutions for gaps and future requirements. Throughout the entire journey, we evaluate the size, scope, and impact initiative changes will have on the business and its people.

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System Implementation

iKoss helps clients build information systems that work efficiently with their business processes and organization. We also place detailed focus on systems that are proactive against the theft or damage to the hardware, software, and electronic data housed on them. This includes Identity and Access Management and protecting integration points of enterprise systems and employee portals.