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iKoss Founders

Blair Koss

I love the challenge of getting large programs and transformations funded and approved. To date I have played a key role in getting over $300M in project spend approved over the past 12-years. I also enjoy working with great teams on enterprise wide projects at very large companies. I celebrate executing strategically important projects with excellence.

I also enjoy the challenge of designing and implementing information security for end-users and systems. This includes Identity and Access Management and protecting integration points of enterprise systems and employee portals.

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Jen Koss

I enjoy working in technology and business processes as it allows me to combine technical knowledge and skills with creative problem solving. The end results are solutions that tackle real-world problems and challenges.

My big break into the full-fledged world of IT came at age 25. I was responsible for a Y2K enterprise-wide system conversion of a metal fabrication company. This was my first of many trial-by-fire experiences. Much of what I had to accomplish, I’d never done before. The system went live two-months ahead of schedule and overall we came in under budget. And from there I never looked back.